“We paste on the bumpers and not only” – Rear bumper protector for Skoda Octavia II Estate

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The second article in the series will be dedicated to the most popular current cap on the rear bumper of our e-shop , namely the strip to Octavia II version station wagon. It turns out that our southern neighbors have produced auto perfect both on Polish roads and wallets. Almost every day one of the overlays leaves in the package based company to find their safe place somewhere on the rear bumper of that Oktawki …

Explain the phenomenon of the popularity of the car can be due to its attractive prices combined with German components. Floor plate taken from the Volkswagen Golf V (not the Passat as many mistakenly believe) makes the post-communist view of the car reliable and trouble-free. However, if you believe your opinions, this theory is far from the facts. As most emergency element mentioned in the same breath transmissions and the heart of the car, or the engine. The advantages of the Octavia Combi will include its robust design and spacious interior, especially capacious trunk. Is interesting to add that the version produced in India is named Laura. As is well known the attractiveness of the name is a matter of taste 🙂 In summary, this is an uncompromising car that you either love or hate (youth “hejtuje”).

Let’s move on to the same overlay. Standard material performance, ie, stainless steel satin. Underneath mounted double-sided adhesive tape from 3M and a free handkerchief degreasing bumper also mentioned the brand. Overlay rear bumper for Skoda Octavia II station wagon version has a total length of exactly 1 meter. Strip width is 8 cm, to optimally cover the places where the paint of the car is most vulnerable to damage. “Must have” any overlay, or fold to prevent accidental odklejeń is slightly more than 1 centimeter. Enough to break our strip could only specialized Złomiarze.

Present, and future holders of the Skoda Octavia II station wagon! If the not inconsiderable sums spent on the repair of the engine and other parts, although you want to save on the painting varnish. A committed group the overlay ba take two brother-also a useful and shipping will be for friko.

PRICE: 130 zł

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