The premiere of “paste on the bumpers and not only – Rear bumper protector for Ford Mondeo MK3 version 2 Tournier.

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In the series premiere article “stuck on the bumpers and not just” our bar Stick the bumper to the Ford Mondeo 2 mk3 Tournier . The choice fell just on this strip because it was the main prize in our contest fejsbukowym. Another reason is the fact that, at present Ford Mondeo “emka three kombiak” is one of the most popular cars driven on our roads.

Before turning to the most important part, namely the overlay bumper will try to bring a few interesting facts about the car itself.

Ford is a tradition, Tournier the functionality and space, if we add to this model Mondeo, the equation will give us a perfect car … for the average Pole. To prevent a wave of indignation in the era of the times we have now, the term “average Pole” is a man at least well-to-do. A friend who has this Ford (of course with our imposes on the bumper) easily use them as a car every day as well as for trips to the mountains, or on vacation. I also mentioned that if the well will make the rear seats can be in it as well, “sleep” 🙂 just like that, simply. Ford Mondeo mk3 2 was presented in 2000 and in the same year started its production. In 2005, the car undergoes a slight upgrade to the end of 2007 to give way to his younger brother MK IV version. As a curiosity I can add poor location of the fuel pump or very poor interior design.

To the point, stick strip on the rear bumper Ford Mondeo 2 mk3 Tournier . At the outset degreased our bumper preferably with szmateczki cleaning 3M which is included < strong> FREE to our terminal. Then attach our cap without removing it from the tape to try and fit everything. If everything is correct, we can peel off the tape and stick the overlay by pressing exactly on the entire surface of the bumper. Link to an instructional video ( link ).

Each of our cap This is also made of stainless steel steel. In addition, it is brushed to avoid tacky chrome mirror effect. It has a bend to stop rant about 2 cm, and bend to the center approx. 3 cm, which is of paramount importance for loading and unloading luggage (possibility attachment and detachment). Called by us in the company “ribs”, the tabs on the cap, further strengthen the protection of the bumper. Its length is exactly 115 cm, enough to cover practically all areas of the bumper load bar.

I would recommend this bar both to those who treat your car as a working tool as well as for those of you for whom Ford Mondeo 2 mk3 Tournier is mainly convenient means of transport.

PRICE : 143 zł