Big challenge in accomplished, advantage took…

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mainly customers, but also we, the employees. The decision to change is certainly the biggest challenge with which Avisy team had to face. Part of the land changes already behind us, but to achieve the objective that we set before us is still long and winding road.

We want to change for you, create products even better price, but without losing their quality. Presenting them as best as possible, and facilitate their finding in the network, which is currently not as easy as it is.

In place of old photos appeared new more accurate, with an inscription referring to the color Avisy.

The Allegro sites and eBay for a few days are already exposed our auction on a new, modernized template. That looks like this:

New template

With new photos, there are also NEW PRICES . At the moment they relate to strip on the rear bumper , but in the near future they will include the Scuff plates .

Finally, there is little time to devote more attention to products and promotions. Despite passing all forces on technical issues (photos, descriptions, templates) managed to take us to participate in the national Day of Free Delivery , which took place on 2 December 2013 in . Shipments were at least double , the desired effect is achieved.

With the advent of 2014 years we have prepared for you Competition your profile on fb:

It is very easy (polub / share / comment) for longer reward for participating in it not just that:

  1. place- any steel protective strip on the rear bumper (carrier)
  2. place- Universal rubber protective strip on the rear bumper (carrier)
  3. place- Universal rubber scuff

Who else did not attend, we highly recommend, this opportunity may never again 🙂

New year, is nothing but a continuation of changes to you lead better.

We start with a series of article where every week we will introduce information mainly about the terminal, but also the cars to which they are matched.

It promises to be interesting, and this is just the beginning! 🙂