Jak chronić auto przed rdzą?

How to protect Your car from corrosion? 3 ways to beat the rust

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  Did you know that inaccurate cleaning of shoes with snow before entering the car can cause corrosion ? It turns out that this and some seemingly trivial reasons have a huge impact on whether “ore” will arrive on the body of your car. In this post I present a few reasons for the formation of rust and methods of how to effectively protect against it.
No. 1 – Rubber mats are the basis
While this may sound somewhat ridiculous to ourselves “we bring corrosion” to the car from the outside . In winter person found Otrzep with snow or mud boots in conjunction with the material carpets create a perfect combination for the formation of rust outbreaks in our car. To avoid this natural will primarily be carefully cleaning the shoes before entering the car, so that the source of moisture is not transferred to the center.
The next step should be a provision in the Rubber car mats . If their appearance is not the end of the suits, I recommend that you replace them only in winter or only in the front of the car, which is usually often exploited. Prices of such rugs start from 20 zł, although for the better, we can pay up to 150 zł. With so secured auto, inside we isolate the possibility of moisture contact with the bodywork of the car , which is the direct cause of corrosion.

Gumowe dywaniki samochodowe
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No. 2 – In the wintertime limit visits to the car wash
You do not have a driver who does not zerknąłby proudly on his freshly washed car shortly after leaving the station car wash. Regardless of whether it is automatic car wash touchless or simply wash the car in front of the house in the winter we have to follow certain rules, if we want to protect them from corrosion. First of all, remember that is not recommended to wash your car at temperatures below 0 ° C . Used during such hot water washing settle on the paint and the result of the low temperature immediately freezes. This situation has a very negative impact on the bodywork of the car.

However, if the winter does not give up, and our car slowly turns black and gray is no way out and we need to remove accumulated dirt. Therefore, just after the respective bath compulsorily’s do the waxing paint . Most importantly, waxing will provide an extra layer of protection against adverse effects of water and salt and make the paint on your car will look much better.

Auto w myjni automatycznej
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No. 3 – Anti-corrosion
On the market there are many preparations anticorrosion and preservatives. If you decide on the standalone application remember the most important issue – the various measures we use to protect the car from inside and outside . The apparent desire to save and use the same product in both cases may be costly mistake. Anti-corrosion agents used to make the inside that the car will have a very long ventilate. There are less invasive than those for external protection, which, because of the operation directly to moisture and salt are characterized by a strong invasiveness.

In order to position anticorrosion coating, you need to thoroughly clean the corroded place and apply a layer of product. With the coating also detach any dirt and moisture from the source of corrosion and rust will cease to develop further.

Stosowanie preparatu antykorozyjnego.
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Using presented ways to deal with corrosion and its causes powstawiania you will be able to protect your car from rust. And you know what use to efficiently take care of your car. However, if you are interested in comprehensive protection recommend to go to a workshop providing this service. Depending on the size of the car, price performance of the coating is from 350 to 600 zł, but this way you ensure peace for at least two years.