Friday the 13th twelfth day, but unlucky.

1 minuty czytania

Seemingly morning like any other, a shower, breakfast and stop. In the meantime, a shirt button maliciously do not want to fasten, a drop of coffee lands on freshly uprasowanych pants, but it’s just another day’s work. Only when the rain (which strangely in no hurry to lunął) hit with a vengeance at the same time I leave the bus, I remembered … after today, Friday, the thirteenth.

The company Avisa in the morning, however, seemed extremely far from bad luck. On the thirteenth word, the reaction was only one, what the thirteenth since it’s Friday. I also approach started responding to time. By the time in which detected serious error, which concerned our newest product, namely the German aluminum rims DIEWE WHEELS. Exactly the problem was posklejanych pages in catalogs with these wheels that someone accidentally posklejał in print. Fortunately, after a comprehensive review, it turned out that only a few copies is not suitable for use, and the rest may easily fall into the hands of our Polish and foreign clients.

This day, however, does not come to an end, then, for those who have the bad luck we have experienced, as well as those which this day favors. Two messages, not long weekend, and immediately after the Competition DIEWE WHEELS , and in the attractive prizes. Look out for MORE INFO on Facebook!

And one more thing. Perfect for the day …