Changes, changes, and once again metamorphosis.

1 minuty czytania

A lot of time I was not here, what’s title pages change is caused. To my (I suspect that not only) the delight of the main attention in a company focused in the end on the online store. Hence the eight hours of hard drawl out even a minute to a fine entry, failed to today ..

When it comes about the same changes are radical and thorough and very well! We start from the online store, through the Allegro on Ebay ending, and then just “promołszon.” Totally new photos from clear info, new descriptions, but most of all new prices and promotions (I told you that changes not only to my delight) is what we have prepared for you to start with. If you follow closely the actions Avisy on fb and blog, I assure you, none of them you will not miss!

Do you, do you think that you care enough about your car? 🙂

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