We’re going on a Mai picnic!

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Above his head filled with blue cloudless sky, the sun reflecting its rays from the surface of the water, fresh air mixed with the smell of grillujących the catalog, it’s all waiting for us when you go on a long weekend in May. However, it will achieve a dream of bliss, we have to reach destination.

Prepare the car for such a trip is a standard visit to the gas station, checking the oil or tire pressure. Sam loading luggage but optimum use of the boot, seems to be a trivial matter. One case, second, travel refrigerator, grill … and suddenly “bang” scratch on the bumper ready. Of course, with a scratch or two on a picnic and so we must go. Although the return of departure is inevitable, therefore, a matter of looking unsightly bumper to be addressed. The visit is acquainted with even the cheapest painter should not be here, and is run by Avisa.

Especially for the period of May departures have prepared a limited offer sets caps threshold and on the rear bumper. Only between 01/05/2014 and 05/31/2014 the price of such set it has been reduced by as much as 12%. So if you happened to be the situation as above, or any such want to avoid is the right place. In addition to the practical application of our overlays, they have a visual aspect which gives the truck an exclusive character.

Set of rear bumper protector and door sills protector - 12 % CHEAPER!
Set of rear bumper protector and door sills protector - 12 % CHEAPER!

There remains for me nothing else like to wish you a successful and peaceful rest without cracks not only on your cars. 🙂