“We paste on the bumpers and not only” – Rear bumper protector for Volvo XC60

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In the third article, in turn, take a magnifying glass overlay to the Volvo XC60. Swedish SUV is a car that catches the eye almost everyone regardless of the place where they currently enjoy its charm. It is one of the most beautiful cars in its class, with a very dysponowanej competition. Volvo safety feature is known throughout the world and will doubtless owes its popularity. At the moment overlay on the rear bumper Volvo XC60 in our e-shop place step down, including the leader, which I described in a previous article ( Overlay Skoda Octavia Combi 2).

The first Volvo XC60 was presented at the 2008 International Motor Show in Geneva, and at the end of this year appeared on sale in Poland. The only country in the world where the XC60 is produced is Belgium. In 2013, the car passed facelift. The modernization included the front of the vehicle (bumpers, new headlights and grill) and new exterior mirrors with turn signals in LED technology. Despite the changes made to the model vintage 2014 our protective strip on the rear bumper fit perfectly. Exclusive SUV received five stars in NCAP tests. This is a security standard to which the Swedes had already accustomed us. If we add to this exclusive look (inside and outside) it is certainly worth the auto nieniskiej prices.

Take a ride to the main topic of this entry, so the same overlay. Protective strip on the rear bumper Volvo XC60 as all of our overlay is made of stainless steel (acid-proof). The product is additionally satin steel to give a more matt polish, as well as to avoid a tacky, chrome mirrors. Underneath is a double sided tape 3M VHB RP45 that once glued, do not stop 🙂 forest cap has a length of 106 cm and a width of 9 cm, optimally to obscure the most vulnerable to scratches place the bumper. Neuralgic point, which is his rant protects półcentymetrowe fold.

Summarizing. If you want an exclusive Volvo XC60 enrich extra touch of elegance, functionality and more importantly, it’s an overlay your bumper just to find a must.
PRICE: 159 zł

 Rear bumper protector for Volvo XC60
Nakładka na zderzak tylny do Volvo XC60.