How to secure your trunk when traveling with a dog?

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“I often take the journey of a beloved pet,” ratlerek “this is not so the tour is done mainly as a passenger, rear trunk, and here begins the stairs, literally. Both the boarding and at the landing dog with their claws draw the surfaces of the rear bumper. Do you have anything in his shop to fix this? ”

As that besides blogging (so let’s put my attempts at writing internetach 🙂 ) I deal with the customer service, such and similar questions I happen to match practically every day. Certainly in the latter area my knowledge is more extensive, so I will try to share it with you.

Blanket is one of the methods we use traveling to avoid scratches and seemingly extra cost. If it is one, maximum of two trips this year we may add happiness and our pet after that blanket on the trunk must climb. However, if you are not born under a lucky star, we can be pretty sure that dog us this bumper scratched. In such a situation? Most often if this is some feature, we are able to accept this fact, but as it happens in real life, several such trips and bumper gets almost dull. Visit to the painter, at least it knows the profession, perhaps many a headache. With this state of affairs could throw a classic, smart Pole after the event, or just visit the shop that offer professional help in this field.

One of the solutions to secure the rear bumper from scratches is protective film . It is a way rarely chosen by our customers, mainly for reasons of its strength and aesthetics. Although the same material of the protective film reliable, it will never be able to match steel. Also, visually presenting the film slightly worse than our overlays steel rear bumper. Its main advantage is the low price, because the longer the size of 10×200 cm pay only 23 zł. In the case of larger sizes (30×100,30×200) the price of the amount and similarly 26zł 40zł. So if we want to secure our luggage at low cost and as solid a protective film will be the best solution.

But when our beloved pet will accompany us on the road more often than occasional trips, we have to think about securing our solid rear bumper. In this situation the best for flagship product Avisy overlay bumper made of stainless steel. They are ideal for both the prevention and for those who have previously attempted such. “Methods on the blanket,” and they want to cover up its effects. Imagine this situation. We are facing a new car, paint until dazzle its ideal structure, and each even the smallest dirt rises to the rank of a disaster. The first trip is fast approaching, and the vision “Barego” says only one thing: ‘anywhere without me, do not go. “The mere thought of it as” Bars “awkwardly am charged to the trunk overwhelmed with terror … but quietly on the council ! steel cap rear bumper. Profiled individually to the bumper of each car model by which adheres to it perfectly. strip also has a bend on a rant bumper so as not to not break when loading pronounced. boarding. its price, depending on the car ranges within the limits 120-180 zł.

In summary, if you plan for the upcoming long weekend to bring your beloved pet, and your car paint until it shines e-shop Avisa has several solutions to this state for a long time has not changed.