How to safely transport christmas tree? [Infographic]

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 That you did warn guests who like you wanted to take her to himself. Excellent height and shape, and its fresh fragrance That suggests even last night was nothing unconscious in the middle of a dark forest. Now all is up to you – your perfect Christmas tree . When finalizing seemingly the most important stage, proud to pull out his hand for the rest of the amount you paid seller, in your mind there is the crucial question: How as it now will carry home?
Christmas tree like a bullet on impact
Even if the place of purchase you have to drive a short distance, it is necessary to ensure appropriate transport security. Sold conifers have an average of about 2 meters in height and weight around 25 kg . So if you do not have a big car to transport a supply of such trees may prove to be a real problem.

German automobile bringing together more than 17 million members (ADAC) carried out a crash test vehicle with a Christmas tree conveyed to the roof. Tree tied with insufficient care shot up on impact with great force. Christmas tree conveyed to immobilize the good used conveyor belts, but in spite of this protection, the inertia of the Christmas tree slightly damaged the roof of the car. As is clear from the tests, a Christmas tree should be securely attached and be particularly careful on the road.
Carrying Christmas tree in the trunk internal
Carrying Christmas tree in the trunk of the car interior is the safest and best way. Most Christmas trees are now wrapped in Special grid , which significantly facilitates loading and transport. In order to firmly secure the tree can use disposed in the loading zone handles. If the tree is slightly longer belong additionally fold the rear seat, however, so as not obscured visibility of the vehicle’s driver. If the tree sticking out of the trunk on the more than half a meter is on the tip we need to hang a white-red flag. Because of the serious injury in the event of a collision hand holding the Christmas tree or the display of the window is categorically prohibited. It should also be careful when loading or unloading the trunk tree with no damage to the surface of the rear bumper. Carrying a Christmas tree inside the car must also reckon with the fact that after such a journey we will have to clean them with a small needles and resin (which is no easy task :)).

Choinka, którą można przewieźć w bagażniku

Carrying Christmas tree on the roof rack
What if our tree does not fall, but in the trunk? If our auto does not have a roof rack there is no question of the transport of the Christmas tree in this way. Transport tree directly on the car roof is incompatible with road traffic regulations (art. 61 of the Law on traffic) and can cost us even 500-a PLN mandate and penalties .

When our car is equipped with a trunk, we still have to take care of several key elements . The tip of the Christmas tree must be directed at opposite to the direction of travel, so that the tree will be more aerodynamic, and its branches less vulnerable to damage. Christmas may not protrude from the back of the car for the length greater than 2 m , and the front of the vehicle trunk may extend up to 0.5 m and must be orange flag . After dark, it is advisable to mount on transported the Christmas tree red and reflective lights. If during carriage you run one of these elements, then we run the mandate in the amount of 150 zł .

For fixing Christmas tree use a reliable tapes luggage mechanism astringent , which then binding up by transverse beams roof rack. Just such a tape luggage provide ideal holding a tree on the roof of the car in the ADAC. It is very important to they were not widely used rubber ended hooks or non-stretchable tape . As has been shown in these studies (ADAC) in the event of a collision, erasers are not able to keep the Christmas tree and it flies forward like a bullet.

Choinka zabezpieczona do przewozu na dachu auta

Below we present the most important information on the safe transport of Christmas car in the form of infographics


Infografika - Jak bezpiecznie przewieźć choinkę autem?
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